Postgraduate Diploma, PG Cert, Diploma - PG - Regulation

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Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, and Diploma - Postgraduate Course Regulation

Course Duration, Credit-Hours and Award (Examples): Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, and Diploma - Postgraduate

Our Admissions Committee has, recently, decided that we will now be awarding a Postgraduate Certificate to all candidates who achieve the minimum of one hundred and eighty (≥180) Credit-Hours. Like its Postgraduate Diploma counterpart, the Postgraduate Certificate might be gained through direct-entry or accumulatively. These changes apply to HRM, Conveyancing, Property Law, Public Administration, Financial Risk Management, Report Writing, Business English, Organisational Structuring, Organisational Development, Executive Leadership, etc. Courses, that are delivered in London, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Jakarta, Hanoi, Manila, Amsterdam, Brussels, Durban, Lagos, Abuja, Kuwait City, Jeddah, Riyadh, Toronto and online. Below is a tabulation of some examples of the different Awards, followed by additional explanations.


 Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, and Diploma – Postgraduate: Their Distinction, Credit Value and Award Title

 Postgraduate Short Courses of a minimum of five days’ duration, are referred to as Diploma – Postgraduate. This means that they are postgraduate credits, towards a Postgraduate Diploma. A Postgraduate Diploma represents a Programme of Study, leading to an Award bearing that title prefix. We, therefore, refer to our short-studies as ‘Courses’, while the ‘longer-studies’, are regarded as Programmes. However, both study-durations are often referred to as ‘Courses’. Another mark of distinction, in this regard, is that participants in a short-course are referred to as ‘Delegates’, as opposed to the term ‘Students’, which is confined to those studying a Postgraduate Programme.


Courses are of varying Credit-Values; some being Single-Credit, Double-Credit, Triple-Credit, Quad-Credit, 5-Credit, etc. These credits, therefore, accumulate to a Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate. As is tabulated above and explained, later, in this document, a Postgraduate Diploma is awarded to students and delegates who have achieved the minimum of 360 Credit Hours. 180 Credit-Hours are required for the Award of Postgraduate Certificate. 


Delegates studying courses of 5-9 days’ duration, equivalent to 30-54 Credit-Hours (Direct Lecturer Contact), will, on successful assessment, receive the Diploma – Postgraduate Award. This represents a single credit at Postgraduate Level. While 6-day and 7-day courses also lead to a Diploma – Postgraduate, they accumulate 36 and 42 Credit Hours, respectively.


Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, and Diploma - Postgraduate Assessment Requirement


Because of the intensive nature of our courses and programmes, assessment will largely be in-course, adopting differing formats. These assessment formats include, but not limited to, in-class tests, assignments, end of course examinations. Based on these assessments, successful candidates will receive the Diploma – Postgraduate, or Postgraduate Diploma, as appropriate.


In the case of Diploma – Postgraduate, a minimum of 70% overall pass is expected. In order to receive the Award of Postgraduate Diploma, candidates must have accumulated at least the required minimum ‘credit-hours’, with a pass (of 70% and above) in at least 70% of the courses taken.


Delegates and students who fail to achieve the requirement for Postgraduate Diploma, or Diploma - Postgraduate - will be given support for 2 re-submissions for each course. Those delegates who fail to achieve the assessment requirement for the Postgraduate Diploma or Diploma - Postgraduate - on 2 resubmissions, or those who elect not to receive them, will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance and Participation.


Diploma – Postgraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Application Requirements


Applicants for Diploma – Postgraduate –, Postgraduate Certificate, and Postgraduate Diploma are required to submit the following documents:

Completed Postgraduate Application Form, including a passport sized picture affixed to the form;

A copy of Issue and Photo (bio data) page of the applicant’s current valid passport or copy of his or her Photo-embedded National Identity Card;

Copies of credentials mentioned in the application form.



Admission and Enrolment Procedure


On receipt of all the above documents we will assess applicants’ suitability for the Course or Programme for which they have applied;

If they are accepted on their chosen Course or Programme, they will be notified accordingly and sent Admission Letters and Invoices;

One week after the receipt of an applicant’s payment or official payment notification, the relevant Course or Programme Tutor will contact him or her, by e-mail or telephone, welcoming him or her to HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute; 

Those intending to study in a foreign country, and require a Visa, will be sent the necessary immigration documentation, to support their application;

Applicants will be notified of the dates, location and venue of enrolment and orientation, where appropriate.


Modes of Study and Duration of Postgraduate Diploma (360 Credit-Hours) and Postgraduate Certificate (180 Credit-Hours) Courses

Award Name Mode of Study Course Duration
Postgraduate Certificate Full-Time {2 - 2.5 days (15 hours) per week} 3 Months
Postgraduate Diploma Intensive Full-Time (5 days per week) 3 Months
Postgraduate Diploma Online (Video-Enhanced) - Based on 3 hours per day, 6 days per week. 20 Weeks
Postgraduate Certificate Online (Video-Enhanced) - Based on 3 hours per day, 6 days per week. 10 Weeks


 Our Online (Video-Enhanced)  Study Mode

 In a move away from the traditional online courses and embracing recent developments in Computer-Mediated Distance Education (Crawford, 2003), HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute has introduced a Video-Enhanced Online delivery. This Online mode of delivery is revolutionary and, at the time of writing, is unique to our Institute.

 Our Video-Enhanced On-Line Mode is similar to being in a classroom – but virtually.

The tutor meets the individual or group, via Video and presents the course, in a similar manner to the classroom-based delivery;

Participants will see and interact with each other, and with the tutor.

They watch and discuss the various video cases and demonstration videos that form an integral part of our courses and programmes;

Their assessment is structured in a similar way to its classroom-based counterpart;

Each Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, or Diploma - Postgraduate - Short Course usually starts on the 1st of each month, with the cut-off date being the 20th, for inclusion in the following month’s intake.

Despite taking twice as many days as its classroom-based rival, it amounts to the same number of Credit-Hours. For example, a 5-day (30 Credit Hours) classroom-based course will last 10 days, in Video-Enhanced On-Line mode. This calculation is based on 3 hours tuition per day, in line with the Institute’s required 30 Credit Hours;

Postgraduate Diploma Programme Deliveries last 20 weeks, while Postgraduate Certificate is of a 10-week duration, based on lectures of 3 hours per day, 6 days per week;

The cost of the Video-Enhanced On-Line mode is 67% of the classroom-based programme or course.

Like their classroom-based counterparts, our online Postgraduate Short Courses accumulate to a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma, within a 6-year period,


20-Week  Online Postgraduate Diploma; 10-Week Online Postgraduate Certificate (Video-Enhanced).

You might study an Online Postgraduate Diploma Course, in 20 weeks, or an Online Postgraduate Certificate, in the comfort of your homes, through HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute’s Video-Enhanced Online Delivery. We will deliver the 360 hours and 180 hours ‘Direct-Lecturer-Contact’, for the Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate, respectively, as are required by our Institute’s Regulation, within the stipulated 20 or 10 weeks. We aim to fit the tuition around your work and leisure, thereby enhancing your effective ‘Life-Style Balance’, at times convenient to you and your appointed tutor.


Cumulative Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate Courses


All short courses can accumulate to the required number of hours, for the Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate, over a six-year period, from the first registration and applies to both general and specialist groupings. In this regard, it is important to note that short courses vary in length, the minimum being 5 days (Diploma – Postgraduate) – equivalent to 30 Credit Hours, representing one credit, as is tabulated below.


On this basis, the definitive calculation on the Award requirement is based on the number of hours studied (aggregate credit-value), rather than merely the number of credits achieved. This approach is particularly useful when a student or delegate studies a mixture of courses of different credit-values.


For those delegates choosing the accumulative route, it is advisable that they study at least two credits be attempted per year, towards a Postgraduate Diploma, and one credit annually, for Postgraduate Certificate.   This target will ensure that the required number of Credit-Hours are achieved for each Award, within the stipulated time-frame.  

Examples of Postgraduate Course Credits:

Their Value, Award Prefix & Suffix – Based on 5-Day Multiples

Credit Value

Credit Hours

Award Title Prefix (& Suffix)



Diploma - Postgraduate



Diploma – Postgraduate (Double-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (Triple-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (Quad-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (5-Credit)



Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma – Postgraduate (6-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (7-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (8-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (9-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (10-Credit)



Diploma – Postgraduate (11-Credit)



Postgraduate Diploma

360 Credit-Hours = Postgraduate Diploma

12 X 5-Day Courses = 360 Credit-Hours = Postgraduate Diploma

10 X 6-Day Courses = 360 Credit-Hours = Postgraduate Diploma


Accumulated Postgraduate Diploma Award Titles

All Specialist Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes have predetermined Award Titles. Where delegates do not follow a Specialism, for accumulation to a Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma, they will normally receive a Generalist Award, rather than Specialist Award. However, a Specialist Award will be given, where a delegate studies at least seventy percent (70%) of his or her courses in a specialist grouping. These are exemplified below:

Accounting and Finance;

Business Communication;

Corporate Governance;

Costing and Budgeting;

Client or Customer Relations;

Engineering and Technical Skills;

Events Management;

Health and Safety Management;

Health Care Management;

Human Resource Development;

Human Resource Management;

Information and Communications Technology (ICT);

Leadership Skills;

Law – International and National;

Logistics and Supply Chain Management;

Management Skills;

Maritime Studies;

Oil and Gas Operation;

Oil and Gas Accounting;

Politics and Economic Development;

Procurement Management;

Project Management;

Public Administration;

Quality Management;

Real Estate Management;

Research Methods;

Risk Management;

Sales and Marketing;  

The actual courses studied will be detailed in a student or delegate’s Transcript.

Service Contract, incorporating Terms and Conditions


Click, or copy and paste the URL, below, into your Web Browser, to view our Service Contract, incorporating Terms and Conditions.


The submission of our application form or otherwise registration by of the submission of a course booking form or e-mail booking request is an attestation of the candidate’s subscription to our Policy Terms and Conditions, which are legally binding.

Our Postgraduate Diploma and Diploma - Postgraduate Short Course Listing, with some omissions, is below: Please note that we customise courses in all areas of specialism and that we deliver pre-designed and customised courses in-house to delegates’ convenience. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes last from 3 Months Intensive Full-Time. Double Postgraduate Diploma Programmes are 6 Months Intensive Full-Time. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes are also available on 20 Weeks Video-Enhanced On-Line Mode.  Diploma – Postgraduate Short Courses are available on a 10-Day Video-Enhanced On-Line Mode. All Short Courses accumulate to 360 taught hours, for the Award of Postgraduate Diploma.