Our Mission: Focusing on Our Students & Delegates & Their Sponsors

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute’s Mission has, for the Decades of its existence, been to provide the opportunity for both Private and Public Sector Organisations to enhance their Micro and Macro Organisational Development Effort, through the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of their employees, with the opportunity for the latter to heighten their productivity and career prospects.  A Postgraduate-Only Institution, we respond to the desire of Engineers, HR Professionals, Metrologists, Accountants and Financial Specialists, Corporate Executives, Divisional and Departmental Managers, Team and Project Leaders, Legal and Administrative Support Personnel, among others, to gain Postgraduate Qualifications, without losing track of their occupational commitment.

To this end, we provide over 60 Specialist Postgraduate Diploma Programmes, with more than 800 Diploma – Postgraduate – Short Courses, which accumulate to a Postgraduate Diploma. The 2 Delivery Modes, for its Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma:

Full-Time - 6 weeks for Postgraduate Certificate; and months for Postgraduate Diploma, both based on tuition of 6 hours of direct lecturer contact, 5 days per week (= 30 Credit-Hours);

Video-Enhanced Online - 10 weeks for Postgraduate Certificate, and {20-weeks for Postgraduate Diploma. This duration is based on 3 hours per day, 6 days per week.

These measures seek to, simultaneously, facilitate effective Career Advancement and Organisational Effectiveness.


Our stringent Employee Resourcing Policy and Practice have endowed us with a cadre of highly committed and quality-conscious Academic and Administrative Staff, enabling us to maintain our robust quality standard, dispensing a superb level of care and support, to our culturally diverse delegates and students.

Our focus, therefore, is on:

  Continuous Professional Development (CPD);

 Management Development; and

 Executive Development,

Towards Career Enhancement and eventual Organisational Effectiveness, achieved through Micro-Organisational Development and Macro-Organisational Development effort.


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Prof. Dr. R. B. Crawford is Course Coordinator. He is the Director of HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute, A Postgraduate-Only Institution. He has the following Qualifications and Affiliations:

Doctor of Philosophy {(PhD) {University College London (UCL) - University of London)};

MEd Management (University of Bath);

Postgraduate (Advanced) Diploma Science Teacher Ed. (University of Bristol);

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Systems (University of West London, formerly Thames Valley University);

Diploma in Doctoral Research Supervision, (University of Wolverhampton);

Teaching Certificate;

Fellow of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Human Resources Specialist, of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Member of the Asian Academy of Management (MAAM);

Member of the International Society of Gesture Studies (MISGS);

Member of the Standing Council for Organisational Symbolism (MSCOS);

Member of ResearchGate;

Executive Member of Academy of Management (AOM). There, his contribution incorporates the judging of competitions, review of journal articles, and guiding the development of conference papers. He also contributes to the Disciplines of:

Human Resources;

Organization and Management Theory;

Organization Development and Change;

Research Methods;

Conflict Management;

Organizational Behavior;

Management Consulting;

Gender & Diversity in Organizations; and

Critical Management Studies.

Professor Dr. Crawford has been an Academic in the following UK Universities:

University of London (Royal Holloway), as Research Tutor;

University of Greenwich (Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

University of Wolverhampton, (Wolverhampton Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

London Southbank University (Business School), as Lecturer and Unit Leader.

His responsibilities in these roles included:

Doctoral Research Supervisor;

Admissions Tutor;

Postgraduate and Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor;

Programme Leader;

Personal Tutor.


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